Smart Tracking Solutions

Telematics is one of the most rapidly emerging sectors in India. Although the Indian telematics market is in relatively early stage, it offers wide scope for the automobile industry to flourish and become a huge source of R&D implementation. The integration of m2m telematics applications helps the automobile industry in various ways, such as vehicle tracking, asset tracking, personal tracking and many others.

Our GPS-enabled Vehicle tracking units deliver real-time information on the go. Thanks to this automated system that will manage and analyze data of as many vehicles under your fleet, on its own, reducing human enforced errors to the bare minimum. Reliable and tailor-made like never before.

Vehicle Tracking Solution provides connectivity of the vehicle to cloud server and facilitates tracking, monitoring and control remotely. Many happy customers, still growing in this technology and taking it to new heights. Inxee is associated and delivering the perfection to many big players in Vehicle Tracking Solution.


Inxee has developed the VTS with the undermentioned features so far, and is continuously subjected to upgradation :

  • Periodic Data Polling
  • Diagnostic & Debugging
  • SMS Based Tracking
  • Cell Based Tracking
  • Over Speed Alert
  • Two Way Communication
  • Over The Air Firmware Upgrade
  • ACS/CS
  • Battery Power Status
  • Status LED
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Pulse Odometer
  • Virtual Odometer
  • Alert Alarm
  • Ignition ON/OFF
  • Buzzer
  • SMS Configuration
  • Authorized Numbers
  • Data Logging
  • Diagnostic & Debugging
  • Immobilizer
  • Central Locking Control
  • Over Speed Alert