About Us

Inxee Systems Pvt Ltd is an embedded technology-centric Design House and Manufacturing company head-quartered in Delhi-NCR, India. Inxee has completed many successful projects in the domains of Automation, Automotive, Medical, Consumer and Defense Electronics. Inxee is currently creating products and executing turn-key projects in various Internet Of Things (IoT) applications such as – Smart City, Smart Home, Smart Factory, Smart Healthcare and Smart Wearables/Trackers.

Inxee is creating waves in the Embedded-IoT Technology R&D services and product landscape, and has designed, manufactured and deployed embedded hardware and software products that are reliable. We at Inxee believe that the Internet Of Things is bringing a transformational shift to the world as we know. IoT has the potential to be the engine that powers our economy for decades to come. We now build IoT products and provide services to partners to help deliver IoT solutions that are reliable, intelligent and ubiquitous. With the IoT market demanding fast development and deployment cycles, Inxee is shedding traditional industry practices and putting together generic IoT solutions in the form of SMART PCB modules, that can be quickly customized to the target applications.

Inxee offers a broad spectrum of solutions in design & development under the fields of PCB, Embedded Software & Systems. Inxee provides design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance services support to its partners with its services spanning across individual hardware and software components to entire systems. We are experts in an array of embedded platforms -- hardware technologies and embedded programming skill sets.

Above and beyond, not only is Inxee an innovation-driven company but is also an organization that strives to build a prosperous ecosystem with its partners. Together we strive to empower people, build a better world with a better connected society - all this through “Design in India, Make In India” !