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Working On Wireless IoT Apps? LoRa Might Come Handy.

  Dear Readers, In this rapidly changing technology driven world, wireless connectivity has proved to be an unprecedented blessing, for it has reduced the hassles of tangled wires, length adaptibility and the difficulty in handling while on the go. If

Why Is Testing Essential In Product Development ?

  Dear Readers, An embedded system is a system that accounts for a dedicated function within a larger setup and in the end helps fulfill the end-user requirement. Nearly cent percent of all microprocessors are manufactured as components of embedded

IoT – Technology that means New Beginnings

  Dear Readers, Internet of Things (IoT) is a futuristic technology that has put the best brains in the world to test for some time now, and has made even the most sluggish brains to pause and ponder about the

5 Functional Attributes In Architecture Of Any Embedded System

  Dear Readers, In terms of a layman, any embedded system can be thought of as a computing system that is designed to serve a dedicated purpose. Unlike a general purpose computer that can perform a spectrum of tasks and