IoT Disruptions In Action : Where Are We Headed ?


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Weren’t weekends supposed to be the perfect time to visit supermarkets and buy whatever you were missing over the week? They once were, not too long ago, though the times are taking a turn. Enter, digital retailing, a concept that after being implemented has taken the world by storm. Quite literally, yeah! Whatever you think of buying, is just a click or swipe away. Mobile phones that came into being as a mode of voice communication, has given way to today’s smart phones, that actually are beyond smart. Swift technological transformations lead to a lifestyle equally comfortable with mobile devices. Has this affected the lives of consumers and businesses? Big time, I would say.

IoT Disruptions in technology

Leveraging the property of GPS to track and identify vehicles and then connecting them with customers who are in need of transportation services. To a large extent, this service seems so great for employment opportunities while also helping individuals looking for transport as and when required. Customer satisfaction levels are almost always high. Anytime access, convenience, availability, self-help, transaction status updates and competitive pricing, are crucial for ensuring customer satisfaction for a digital technology based product or service. It isn’t enough to create a product, develop the supply and distribution chains. Businesses need to innovate constantly to gain the upper hand on their competitors and to stay relevant in the environment they’re operating in. Digital disruption gives business decision makers the opportunity to constantly notch up service levels efficiently, to maximize customer delight and association with their brand.

IoT Disruptions

In the near future, disruptive IOT technologies are going to allow for complex transactions to take place across and between businesses stakeholders. Drone delivery services already show a lot of promise in terms of speeding up deliveries and are all set to boost a thriving e-commerce sector. Many organizations around the world have begun identifying opportunities provided to them via digital disruption and are paving the way forward to others to follow suit.

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    Awesome insight on the topic… Quite in vogue at the moment. We’ve to keep in mind all the pros and cons of the technology called internet of things . Great Post ! Keep up the good work.

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