Ensure Safety Of Your Loved Ones Using GPS


Dear Readers,

Arthur C. Clark’s third law of prediction holds that “advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Seems so true in this age! Technology is indeed moving at a magical pace and has paved way to the evolution of global positioning systems (GPS) too.

But what exactly is this ‘GPS’?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System which is a satellite-based navigation system providing location and time information in all weather conditions, anywhere on or near the earth surface in just one click.


Being lost geographically can be a terrifying experience but GPS is the solution in the form of a smart technology that can guide you wherever you go. Originally used for military purposes, it is now becoming a common technology that is used in many walks of life. The future definitely holds some interesting advancements in this technology domain.


Now the question is can we really track everything down with the help of GPS technology and if so, can we do same for our loved ones?

Losing track of any of your near and dear one – be it a family member or a friend or anybody you care about, can be your worst nightmare. However, the recent emergence of GPS-enabled devices tend to offer a solution on the go.

Electronic surveillance can be the most effective way of keeping track of your folks in this digital age. An increasing number of advancements in mobile apps for smart-phones use GPS technology to also help parents keep track of the whereabouts of their kids in the event of an emergency in much less time than it would take to find him/her on their own. Many smart GPS enabled devices are available in the market in the form of wearables which are both handy as well as affordable.

There are 3 main uses of GPS enabled wearable technology:


Location: It can help you to locate your kin in the event of any emergency and keep you in touch with him/her 24X7.
Alerts: You can save preset landmarks and get notified whenever the device enters those locations. You can also mark authorized and restricted zones for the devices and be ensured that your children are in a safe zone. You get an alert every time your child enters the landmarked area.
Alarm: Whenever a person is in danger, the watch can send SoS Panic alarm with a single button press to the emergency contact’s phone.

GWatch is a GPS enabled watch available for ensuring safety so that you can stay connected to your kins and get the advantage of this revolutionary technology and landmark breakthroughs in personal tracking.

Sounds like a good plan to put an end to all your safety concerns surrounding your loved ones – Check out our upcoming product GWatch.

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