Cloud Server & Applications

With the recent data explosion that is continuing to grow upscale has made it a necessity that we as people, as businesses, as industries, as healthcare or as any other entity, be aware and have unlimited access to all the information available, at any point of time. Well, though it sounds a little overwhelming, it is achievable using cloud servers. These are basically logical servers built, hosted and deployed through a cloud computing platform over Internet. Cloud servers have all functionalities typical of a server, in addition to being accessed remotely from a cloud service provider.

A cloud server is primarily an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) based cloud service model. There are two types of cloud server: logical and physical. A cloud server is considered to be logical when it is delivered through server virtualization. In this delivery model, the physical server is logically distributed into two or more logical servers, each of which has a separate OS, user interface and apps, although they share physical components from the underlying physical server. Whereas the physical cloud server is also accessed through the Internet remotely, it isn’t shared or distributed. This is commonly known as a dedicated cloud server.

Our cloud server applications are open to customization and feature availability. The configurations can be pre defined on the basis of additional memory, processing speed, storage, online file backing up, and bandwidth. We offer 24x7 management and support for all cloud applications we develop .