Projects & Achievements

We have successfully managed a spectrum of projects from conception through implementation. Our effectively prioritized and organized work load distribution to meet targets in an industrial ecosystem where change is the only constant has so far seen only favorable and promising outcomes. Quality and consistency has often won INXEE accolades from all corners. We are in the process of building a tradition of achieving results through our unique blend of industry knowledge, skills and core values.

Listed below are the major projects successfully executed by Inxee under various segments :

Design & Manufacturing:

Mobiles & Portables Software Development Platform For mobile tablet devices
Media Interactive Coffee Tables Dual-touch capable, Rugged for customer order placement, gaming and e-commerce
Mobile Mobile Point-of-Sale systems over GSM For Rural Financial Inclusion such as User Authentication based on bio-metric technology
Medical Neo-natal / infant Warmer products Will reduce or prevent death caused by Hypothermia in new born babies
Wireless / Telecom Single-band and Quad-band Digital Filter systems For GSM, CDMA, 3G, and LTE wireless systems
Consumer Electronics 3G/LTE WiFi Router Routing with Bluetooth and PSTN connectivity
Industrial Green Building Management systems For enabling Eco-Friendly Buildings
Industrial Instrumentation Analog & Digital cable TV signal measurement meter For easy signal strength measurement
Green Power Solar Lantern & Smart Inverters For proper management of power resources
Telecom Gigabit Ethernet switch FPGA based 24 port switch

Design & Development:

Healthcare Video conferencing software For mobile internet devices in healthcare application
Defense Acoustic Noise Cancelling Codec software For TI-DSP based hardware to reduce noise related disruptions
Industrial Automation Walk-in Refrigerator control system So that they can cycle on and off to maintain a certain temperature