About Us

Inxee is an embedded technology-centric Electronics Design House and Manufacturing company (OEM/ODM) head-quartered in Delhi-NCR, India. Inxee has developed and manufactured many products in the domains of Aviation, Automation, Medical, Consumer and Defense Electronics. Inxee is currently focused on various Industrial IoT applications such as –Smart City, Smart Home, Smart Factory, Smart Healthcare and Smart Wearables/Trackers.

Inxee offers a broad spectrum of services in product design & development encompassing all aspects of R&D, PCB Design, Embedded Software, Product Design and Manufacturing. Inxee services span across individual hardware and software components to entire systems. We are experts in an array of embedded platforms -- hardware technologies and embedded programming skill sets. With the IoT market demanding fast development and deployment cycles, Inxee is shedding traditional industry practices and putting together generic IoT solutions in the form of SMART PCB modules, that can be quickly customized to the target applications.

Inxee is an award-winning company and has won many awards from Private and Government agencies. Inxee has been recently selected by Airports Authority of India (AAI) as one of the top startups of India for developing airport automation technology. Inxee also has received Certificate of Recommendation from the Tata group. Inxee hopes to collaborate with all players in the Embedded/IOT ecosystem to empower generations to come, build a better world with a better connected society – and all this through its core mission: “Design in India. Make In India”.