"End-to-end solutions for automating airport operations on the Apron side and Terminal side."

Inxee has been selected by Airports Authority of India for developing cutting edge technology indigenously for automation of airport operations. From baggage-screening and air traffic control to ground-handling and foreign object detection on runways, automation and industry 5.0 is revolutionising airside operations. The application of robotics, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics, to name a few, can help make this happen – to the ultimate benefit of all aviation industry stakeholders.

Smart Airports are airports based on the use of intelligent systems such as sensors and devices configured for specific purposes in different areas to control, manage and plan their operations in a centralised digital environment.Inxee has developed products and solutions that can be applied in the following smart airport application use cases:

  1. People counting and crowd management.
  2. Vehicle counting and traffic management.
  3. Airport trolley and asset management.
  4. Baggage and cargo tracking system.
  5. Smart aircraft docking system.
  6. Smart airfield lighting control and management system.