"Industry 5.0 leading the way in enabling intelligence everywhere."

Industry 5.0 is a framework for re-imagining the future of energy, manufacturing, mobility, and supply chains that build upon and complement the meaningful groundwork paved by the vision of Industry 4.0. Industry 5.0 uses collaborative robots and artificial intelligence to bring a human touch to the concept of digital transformation to enable complete automation of various industrial processes.

Inxee is keen to work with its partners for support in the initiative of developing Smart and Connected Cities to embark upon a brighter and sustainable future in the following use cases:

  1. Industrial Asset Tracking System
  2. Factory Manufacturing & Process Automation
  3. Warehouse Automation
  4. Building Management Systems
  5. Smart Water/Electric Metering
  6. Smart Parking
  7. Smart Parking
  8. Intelligent Transportation System
  9. Home Automation Systems