Electronics OEM/ODM

Inxee is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturer (ODM).ODM service is the process of designing, manufacturing, and customizing electronic products and solutions based on the specific requirements of a client. The ODM process is used by companies who want to bring a product to market quickly, but do not have the resources or expertise to design and manufacture the product themselves.An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) traditionally is defined as a company whose goods are used as components in the products of another company, which then sells the finished item to users. Inxee has designed and manufactured many products in multiple embedded market segments such as:

  • GPS Tracking Devices
  • Smart IP Cameras
  • Wireless Routers
  • Gigabit Ethernet Switches
  • Android Set-top Boxes
  • Smart Home Devices
  • Building Automation System
  • Smart Consumer Wearables
  • Digital Payment Soundbox
  • Smart Meters (Water, Electricity)
  • Cellular Signal Boosters
  • 2D/3D Lidar Based Systems
  • AI/ML Based Video Analytics
  • Medical Wearables
  • Smart Healthcare Devices
  • BMW Disinfection Systems