PCB Manufacturing:

Inxee caters to Electronic manufacturing requirements of all sizes ranging from small (1K+ units) volumes to large (1M+ units) volumes. PCB manufacturing services range from PCB fabrication, sourcing of components from all over the world, and complete electronic PCB assembly. Inxee has a dedicated highly skilled professional team for procurement of high-quality low-cost electronic components, and a PCB manufacturing and testing team to meet the requirements of our OEM & ODM customers.

Product Manufacturing:

Inxee offers product manufacturing services for requirements ranging from small quantities (10+ units) for large equipment/machinery manufacturing to large quantities (1M+ units) for consumer electronics equipment. Product manufacturing services are provided in multiple stages depending on customer requirements: Prototyping, Pilot Manufacturing, and Mass Production.

Product manufacturing involves fabrication of mechanical structures, mounting and assembly of mechanical structures along with all electrical and electronic components sourced for the production along with all control PCBs, electrical wiring of the complete product and QA/QC of manufactured product. Product manufacturing service also includes the pre-dispatch inspection, packaging and storage of manufactured goods.