PCB Design

Inxee offers you expanded PCB design capabilities with hands-on customer service for every order. Our experienced PCB designers will turn your concepts into reality! Inxee is an industry leader in quality PCB design and development.

Inxee’s PCB services encompasses various technical aspects of design and development as mentioned below:

  1. Wide Range of Microprocessor, Microcontroller & FPGA Families Supported — [ ARM based processors, DSPs, and controllers from ST, NXP, TI, Microchip, Analog, Intel, Fujitsu, Samsungand FPGA such as Xilinx, Lattice and Altera.]
  2. Component Selection and Procurement
  3. Schematic Generation
  4. PCB Mechanical Considerations
  5. PCB Layout Work
  6. High Speed PCBs
  7. RF PCBs
  8. Multilayer PCBs
  9. Commercial, Industrial and Military Grade PCBs
  10. PCB Design Simulation and Analysis
  11. PCB Prototype Manufacturing
  12. PCB Validation and Testing
  13. System Integration and Testing
  14. Compliance and Certification