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Internet of Things (IoT) is a futuristic technology that has put the best brains in the world to test for some time now, and has made even the most sluggish brains to pause and ponder about the possibilities that lay ahead. Right from established industry biggies to startups, all are combining their best efforts to discover that eventual IoT solution to transform lives. And those who are not yet ready to embrace the impending change are sure going to get left behind. So what makes this whole discussion about internet of things so crucial and worthwhile? Take a look…

IoT and its applications

IoT would potentially enable inanimate objects to work in tandem with each other and make our lives much easier. It will be a means to make available, all things to all people.

Our work model itself is inspired by the idea behind IoT, ie., gestating the ultimate promise of connecting the unconnected. IoT will bring about a colossal change that would lead to a universal new beginning altogether.

Learn…Trustable helmsman of your career!

Xinoe is a company that spearheads in providing trainings and knowledge-building processes, making them innovative fun-learning sessions, wherein the trainees are provided with lectures, worksheets and most importantly extensive hands-on-tools lab experiences to enable them grasp the entire modus operandi of the Embedded, VLSI and CS/IT dominant industry setup. The qualified and experienced team of trainers leave no stone unturned in making learners understand the basics of chosen domains along with providing adequate information and do-it-yourself kind of practical sessions to help them retain what they are taught.

Learn IoT Applications

Create…Where imagination meets implementation!

While Xinoe builds an excellent foundation of concepts and practical expertise in individuals getting enrolled, Inxee brings forth the next step which is putting the acquired skills to test and carve out real-time systems in the design and development under the fields of Semiconductor, PCB, Software & System. A mainstream pathbreaking indigenous product developed at Inxee, called the BMS ( building management system ) which keeps you only a click-away from all the power-consuming applications like lighting, fan and ambience monitoring thermostat so that you can accordingly choose which application is required and when, even when you’re not home. Visualize this: As you approach the front door of your house, a remote control built into your key unlocks the door. The door’s wireless radio messages the network, which prompts the hall lights to turn on. The in-house thermostat, which was lowered after you left for work, returns to the normal comfort zone. Everything is acting in coordination and on its own. Actually you need to figure out the ways
Further add-ons to this solution, might empower you to be aware of important and often emergency situations arising at your house when you are on the go and not at home.
Let’s take the situation where you might be away on a vacation and the house is empty. A moisture sensor detects water on the basement floor. That sensor finding is processed by an app, which has received another report from a temperature sensor that detects the seeping of water from the main water pipe. This might be because the water pipe is ready to burst. As soon as you receive the notification you can authorize a neighbour to make sure things are fine or any action needs to be taken.
Another accomplishment of Inxee has been the development of major portion of the vehicle telematics solution FleetRobo, which is a flagship product of IT major Binary Semantics, by the highly skilled and competent team of professionals and industry experts at Inxee.

creating IoT applications

Connectivity Idea with Lightbulb

Experience…Vehicle Telematics Easy like never before!

FleetRobo is one such smart, out-of-the-box, intelligent transportation systems solution, which combines our aforementioned service areas and puts what we have learnt and created to implementation and is full-on ready to be experienced by consumers. Fleet Robo has an end-to-end fleet management application that synthesizes real-time information and location data of vehicles that are connected with a central cloud server. We have developed automatic dispatching solutions that identify the cars connected with central base station and assigns the job based on intelligent business rules. Our solutions offers off-the-rack MIS reports to help the fleet managers take better decisions. We have just started our journey to develop future solutions and next generation applications that can collate and utilize the history data, vehicle information and real time situational data for intelligent and safe transportation. This would give you a broad idea about the fact that what we may be entering into is nothing but an open door opening unto infinitely many possibilities.

tracking applications

Miles to go indeed !

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